Open vSwitch

Open vSwtich (OVS) is a software switch commonly used in OpenStack deployments to replace Linux bridges as it offers advantages in terms of mobility, hardware integration and use by network controllers.

Supported OPNFV Installers

Currently not all installers are supported.

Fuel Installer

OVSNFV project supplies a Fuel Plugin to upgrades Open vSwitch on an OPNFV installation to use user-space datapath.

As part of the upgrade the following changes are also made:

  • change libvirt on compute node to 1.2.12
  • change qemu on compute node to 2.2.1
  • installs DPDK 2.0.0
  • installs OVS 2.1 (specifically git tag 1e77bbe)
  • removes existing OVS neutron plugin
  • installs new OVS plugin as part of networking_ovs_dpdk OpenStack plugin version stable/kilo
  • work around _set_device_mtu issue


This release should be considered experimental. In particular:

  • performance will be addressed specifically in subsequent releases.
  • OVS and other components are updated only on compute nodes.


  • There may be issues assigning floating and public ip address to VMs.