UX requirements

Release: OPNFV Brahmaputra

Requirements for a common user-experience created by the deployment tools.

High availability requirements

  • GENESIS-9: Installers shall support the deployment of OpenStack with High-Availability (for those components that support it in Liberty) on 3 or more control nodes. Functest tests should be able to verify that the HA is enabled and functional.
  • GENESIS-71: Hitless hardware upgrade: Increase size of a deployment in terms of compute nodes (add additional compute nodes) without service interruption. This requirement doesn’t mandate upgrade/increasing the size of the control node cluster.

Versioning requirements

  • GENESIS-12: Installers should track/control all versions of all components pulled from external sources (user should be able to identify the versions and origins of all software components deployed).

System definition and system configuration requirements

  • GENESIS-16: Common ability to input site, topology, and server information.
  • GENESIS-17: User-configurable parameters available via config files.
  • GENESIS-18: Allow assignment of different roles to servers, so that hardware and software can be configured according to the role.
  • GENESIS-19: Deployment tool to provide for automatic device discovery.
  • GENESIS-25: Installers should configure NTP servers on the servers for clock synchronization.
  • GENESIS-40: Hardware replacement.

Requirements pertaining to the qualities of the deployment process

  • GENESIS-74: Installers which create a build for Brahmaputra, should create the build as an “all-in-one” build. The the build process of the installer creates a single entity (e.g. ISO) - which has all the artifacts considered and required by all the projects for Brahmaputra packaged in. Or in other terms and as an example: If there are 4 different versions of OVS - all these 4 versions would be contained in the “all in one build”. Note: This requirement only applies to installers which support a “build” phase (i.e. create a bootable image, like an iso-image from the different artifacts required).
  • GENESIS-31: Installers to be agnostic to type of hard drives used.