Target system requirements

Release: OPNFV Brahmaputra

This document lists requirements for the target system that an installer creates. Different from the requirements document on user-experience, this document focuses on the key hardware and software components the different deployment tools install and/or configure.

Minimum base Operating System distribution supported:

  • GENESIS-4: Installers should support either Centos 7 or Ubuntu 14.04 as target system base OS.

Components/features installed for OpenStack:

Minimum base OpenStack distribution supported:

  • GENESIS-7: Installers should support OpenStack Liberty release.

SDN Controller:

  • GENESIS-6: Installers should support OpenDaylight Beryllium Release.
  • GENESIS-49: Installers should support ONOSFW.

VM Controller:


  • GENESIS-8: Installers should support KVM hypervisor.

Virtual forwarder: