** DEA/DHA deployment prototype**

This is a continuation of the specific libvirt deployment prototype into a generic concept supporting a hardware plugin architecture in the deployment engine.

Conceptually the deployer contains of a number of entities:

Both the dea.yaml and dha.yaml can be created from an existing Fuel deployment, in a way making a xerox copy of it for re-deployment. For this, the create_templates structure is copied to the Fuel master and the create_templates.sh is run there.

In the examples/libvirt directory, VM and network definitions for libvirt together with matching dea.yaml and dha.yaml can be found. The DEA configuration is made using a opnfv-59 deployment.

There is also a hybrid libirt/IPMI adapter with an example dea.yaml and dha.yaml for a small one controller + one compute deploy in examples/ipmi.

The details and API description for DEA and DHA can be found in the documentation directory.

See the READMEs in the examples dirctories to get going with a Fuel deployment for your environment - or write and contribute your own hardware adapter for your environment!