OPNFV traffic profile guidelines



In order to have consistent testing profiles, it has been suggested to define and store traffic profiles. These profiles shall be based on operator representative scenario.

These reference profiles may be used by any test projects, unitary, functional or performance tests. It is possible to adapt them to specific testcases. It is recommended to use them in order to avoid getting as many profiles as tests. It should be helpful to compare the results of test scenario.

How to use these profiles

The directory of the traffic profiles may be described as follow:

├── commons
  ├── ims
  │   └── readme.rst
  ├── mobile
  │   └── readme.rst
  └── traffic-profile-guidelines.rst

the readme.rst details the profile.

Traffic profile overview

The current profiles are available:
  • Mobile traffic
  • IMS residential traffic
  • ...