Gap analysis in upstream projects

Hypervisor gaps

  1. Monitoring Capabilities required for a remote Compute Node; Hypervisor shall provide extended monitoring of VM and its resource usage.

OpenStack gaps

Later shoudl be per specific component? (nova, neutron...)

OpenStack Nova 1. Management system should support dozen of thousands individual hosts.

Currently each Edge Host is allocated in individual zone, is this approach scalable?
  1. Host is explicitly selected effectively bypassing NOVA scheduler

Deployment gaps

  1. Only traffic interfaces are exposed (e.g. no eth0, no USB); SW deployment is different from DC.
  2. Linux shell shall not be exposed; linux CLI shall be replaced presumable by REST.
  3. Kernel and Hypervisor are hardened. Only OpenStack agents might be added during deployment.
  4. AMT or IPMI shall not be used for SW deployment.